- Johnne Lemand


LABELS RECORDS (FLOW MEXICO RECORDS,DASH DEEP RECORDS,HOUSE STUFF RECORDINGS,UNK INTERNATIONAL RECORDS)(JOHNNE LEMAND) ORIGIN OF MEXICO CITY PRODUCER AND REMIXER MEXICAN He started a taste for electronic music at the age of 14 years where he started ah experiment with turntables influenced by Dj's of the scene premises after a year begins experiment with another stylo Music Progressive House, T echno, T ech House where all power at the age of 15 years after 5 years, Johnne LemanD ah started to DJ, after much time listening and getting involved with electronic music. In Mexico (Mexico City) where he exhibited his first sets of music Progressive, T echno ,T ech House, Deep House, House. It soon became apparent and never stopped, complete sets of new allies recognize the technique of mixing, led to the large slot and unquestionable good taste in music.Playing different styles of electronic music. were supported by Roger Sanchez,Fer Ferrari,Markus Schulz,Claude Von Stroke,Kai Limberger,Mark Knight and many ot hers gaining him a moment um in t he main digital retailers. This is the best time in Johnne L. Career.