- DJ Andreas B.


Artist DJ Andreas B. : Andreas B. was Resident in Lulu a Gogo Club, probably the best Techno-House-Club which Braunschweig had to date. He is a DJ since early 90 ties And Resident- DJ at Tempel X in Braunschweig he is playing all over Germany and in Europe Since 1997 he is a presenter of a Techno-consignment on Radio Okerwelle 104.6 (www.radiookerwelle.de) in Braunschweig. All 14 days of Friday of 22.07 - 0:00 o'clock (There & again even longer:-)) run the newest discs and the best classic of vinyl through the aether. The consignment takes pleasure to the biggest popularity. Andreas B. was active in 4 clubs as Resident. Andreas B. stood with Teleport (DJ stand-in G., DJ from Hildesheim, as well as Ralf Schmidt from Hannover (teleport from Berlin) in connection, with Andreas B. to produced, under others the single, Tempel X-Rac Society. www.teleport.de. An other production is with H. Tillack/Sysex +8 rec. Braunschweig) of the brilliant artists who has produced, among the rest, for the listed ones.... (Disco B., Force Inc and crank Rec. As well as + 8 Rec. From Richie Hawtin!!!) the single: Andreas B.-Brainstorm-the latest ideally. Maxi: Andreas B. - Crazy Hardcore Bitch ( with Funabashi ) on Universally Prime Breaks Rec. and DJ Andreas . ---Baumkasper EP on Hihatz Rec. .Andreas B. also many Download Tracks of Beatport and Junodownload to see…..working & potters around in his how ever fine Homestudio his own sounds. For more Information: www.myspace.com/djandreasb and andreasspace@web.de


100 Deep House Workout Music, Vol. 2
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