- Angel Rize


Angel Rize Dj and producer from New York. Growing up in Europe (Macedonia) he started to follow electronic music since early 90's,by collecting house & techno records. Being employed by one of the well known radio stations in his home country,he started presenting electronic music. While employed by radio station,he forms a small organization to promote techno parties in his city. Biggining of 95, Angel starts Dj-ing in his town and surrounding areas and forms his own band 'The Bdaish' which had a quite a few live performances.In 96 he started with his own production of electronic music and his first album 'Lunatic Suite' along with a new video called 'Start the Bdaish' was released. With this,Angel became quite known to to the fans of electronic music and started to present his music all over the country.In 2000's he started to preffer Dj-ing over producing,and starts do Dj all over surrounding countries,usually in small Underground party settings along with well known clubs... He also shared stage with some of the known Dj's like Deetron,Mark Williams etc. In 2008 he starts again with production, this time he wanted to take his music way out of domestic area and later the same year his first EP was realeased by UK label 'Tokyo Red Recordings' With the track 'Aino De Cam' he went into the top 100 of deep house most selling tracks. The same thing happens after he released his tracks for another well known US labels 'Grouper & Dutchie Music Recordings" and so on...