- Souldeep Inc.


Dave Taylor AKA SoulDeep Inc. is no stranger to the world of House Music. Having discovered House way back at the very beginning of the movement as a teenager and having played at some of the classic Blackburn(UK) parties in the late 1980’s it was a smooth transition to go from DJ to producer some 25 years since the 1st imports arrived from Chicago. Dave also works with long time friend DJ & Producer Tony Cannon and together they are two 4House. Dave is currently signed to a host of great labels including SoulShift Music & Epoque Music and is currently working closely with OpenHouse Recordings Chicago and the legendary DJ International Records Chicago and label host Rocky Jones Both DJ and promoter for the likes of Marshall Jefferson, 808 State & A Guy Called Gerald and he regularly appears on world wide radio stations with his eclectic mixes of Deep & Soulful House." I have so many friends and influences in my 25 years of House Music that it would be hard to single anyone out. But a massive thanks goes out to all the guys who started the movement.. Without you we would not have what we love today - House Music!"