- The Disclosure Project


The Disclosure Project is a two man team with a pedigree of street skill and classical musical background. Both members are educated to post graduate level in music technology, audio systems design, and classical music performance. Both are also respected DJ's who have been at the turntables since the early 90s. Their skills and ideas musically evolve from the background in classical music JP has carved out from his experiences in the Albert Hall and through concerts he participated in, combined with the street grooves and dirty funk Paul brings from his life long collection and love of house music. The combination of classical and street sounds can clearly be heard through out every piece they create. Their sound has already seen them on big established labels, and they have been remixed by some of the deep house scenes favourite producers as well as remixing them also. Support for their work is well laid out by all the top jocks and producers in the deep house scene, and their tracks can be seen and heard in radio shows and DJ sets through out the world. They currently run their own self titled record label 'Disclosure Project recordings' which has a prolific artist roster and catalogue, and they also are involved with Ibiza Sonica FM, the islands favourite and biggest radio station where they run their own monthly two hour show entitled slip session.