- Aldo Ferreri


BIOGRAPHY:Aldo Ferreri aka Cataldo Ferri, from Puglia was born June 28, 1983 in Martina Franca (TA); he approached music at the tender age of 13/14 years old when he began to hear the dance of the time, and grows in it so the desire to approach the figure seen in the various events, Dj call, which mixes tracks that make him happy and they do get into "his WORLD." At the age of 16 years he takes his first chance encounter with the "world of the night" which highlights his passion for dance and house music attending for years many clubs of Apulia, a Blu up to the evening of Rimini and delighting in other events. His career began in 2000 and right now trying to move towards its nature, or the DJ sets of 'beloved "Dance- House Music". The first stage to put in evidence is his beloved Walkiria, disco in the country and following the capture of other important and famous clubs of Puglia.Sempre continuous musical progress manages to excite and entertain his audience allowing them to make known his musical passion ... Without doubt the house music is the one that gives him more excitement and once out of the club tries to listen and to keep abreast of any kind, simply because a dJ is to play what most feel and what they like, and transmitted it to his public, which has always tried to do the meglio.Nel 2010 starts to dabble in the world of producer and remixer with the help of friends already operating in that sector and thus begins his approach to the world of music creators...