- Emanuel Odierna


Emanuele Odierna was born in Prato in 1982 and since he was a child, he shows his passion and predisposition for the world of music. He begins his musical career as deejay in 1999, and in a small time he starts several positive collaborations with some of the most important Florentine and different clubs, receiving compliments and precious suggestions to increase his own knowledge and to experiment other musical and new typologies of groove. Besides growing as deejay, Emanuel, decides to launch himself into the world that fascinated him the most: the world of the music production. In fact, at the end of 2005 he begins to work in this world, pushed by his uncontainable passion for music and from his constant wish, to propose to the public different sounds to escape from the musical monotony so much in fashion in the last years. He acquires all the music notions attending a course of " Technician of the sound " at the school of the beautiful arts in Bologna that he overcomes with success. He learn everything about history of music and music techniques, especially the use of that kind of programs and tools necessary for the realization of music, (programs as Live, Reason, Ableton live, Nuendo, equalizers, midi controller etc.... ) Here the musical bases are solidified, creating a harmonic mix among passion, knowledge and curiosity that bring Emanuel Odierna to show his talent and skills.