- SAO Tokyoska


SAO Tokyoska is a DJ/Producer from México, He discovered the electronic music and the love for those beats in the middle of the 90 ́s. But was in summer of 2003 when he got the oportunity to start to play in small parties and after in some special events and the clubs of his city, driving him to the sound that finally defined his career as Techno Dj & Producer.He joined to Audio Autopsy in 2012, giving the oportunity to be total free with this work and expressing himself with very dark and underground sounds, sounds that are going very spooky getting a terror flavour.He has a special touch on his mixes always bringing adrenaline to his crowd.He got the support of several labels also helped by K-Mel and Zoneek AP whom invit ed him t o collaborat e wit h Fract us project to make Dark Techno. Actually he is on the management the company Vodka Beatz together with Aleksandra Medakovic and joined to Espina Records owned by Minimal Jay.