- Freaks on a Plane


Andi and Thomas bond is that kind of thing when you are surfing the same wave, great experience but very tricky for 17 years. Sometimes you have that feeling of an old couple when it comes to music... other story. Their CV is packed with a lot of venues, events, etc they were playing at. Nowadays their music selection for their sets is like a exiting book or a thrilling movie. Pushing forward oriented sounds with surprising moments but always with the premise of a nice kick drum and groovy bass line trademarks their sets. When it comes to production their vision of electronic music is pretty clear and some sort of functional. The kick and the bass line have to be gently glued together and well selected claps, snares, hi hats, some other rhythmical elements and some vocal phrases are mostly the foundation of their productions and absolutly necessary in terms of club music. "At the end we’re making music for the dancefloor, we’re DJs.