- Lavida Losard


Lavida Losard is a Frankfurt-based sound architect, experimenting with different sounds and styles. Lavida developed his enthusiasm for electronic music at the threshold of an era of dance music and club culture in 2002. His stylistic versatility and open mindedness had a huge influence on the development of his music located in the spectrum between minimal and electro house. As well as being a producer and DJ, Lavida Losard is a member of the record label Anthropomorph Records, on which he has most recently released a number of ep’s. In the meantime, a number of Lavidas songs had been released on various compilations. As with most DJs, Lavida got his initial exposure performing at a variety of local venues, primarily at events in Frankfurt. More than two decades in the music scene, Lavida never lost sight of all influences he had along the way. Groove and energy are the foundation of his musical work.