- Jonathan Maltaya


·1605·Avenue·Witty Tunes ·Patent Skillz ·Tech-it Recordings ·Ins olito·3Star Deluxe ·Bedroom Muzik ·Red Drum MusicYears ago , the Spanish DJ & Producer Jonathan Maltaya , focuses attention on everything related to electronic music .. over that time, he will take the necessary maturity in the music world .He has published in some of the largest and most important seals & techno house underground :1605,AVENUE, WITTY TUNES , PATENT SKILLZ, are just some of labels by which Jonathan has publishedand all this is so early in his career just goes to show that with his undeniable talent,passion for music and hunger for success , is beginning to bear fruit with hard work.It has also been supported by great artists such as: UMEK, MARIO OCHOA, PACO OSUNA, SERGIO FERNANDEZ , MARCO CAROLA,JJMULLOR, UNOMAS, COQUI SELECT ION, among many others...Currently, Jonathan is part of bookings like: Sofresh! & Ontekk Agency,that aim to promote all artists throughout the world2014 is the year in which, Jonathan , throws light his own label ''Phonetica Records''in which big name artists, launch their tracks, and wherein each month they have a podcast with a special guest.