- Stephan Funkmann


Right after school on his way home, his backpack on and the first portable cassette player in his pocket, Stephan put on his headphones and dove into the wonderful world of music. His first cassettes played pieces like “Das Boot” or “Das Model”. Listening to the first sounds of the 90s seemed to be a perfect way for a guy who sat in school all day, to tune out the world and relax. Back then music already seemed to make up a big part of his life and he was sure that it always would. And now a few years later that, what had been so obvious before, is true. Since 2010 stephan has been successfully creating tracks and remixes for different smaller and bigger labels. And today Stephan is no longer unknown. His music is not only to be heard in German cities, you can even see him play beyond national borders: standing behind his turntables, making and loving music.Looking into the future, determined, conscientiously and putting heart and soul into his work, Stephan is looking forward to meeting others that share his passion.