- Second Stage


SECOND STAGETwo young and promising DJs & sound producers from Lviv (Ukraine), which united and began working together to transfer twice as much positive & energy to the night club’s dance floors and open-airs.They are: Oleg Denys, known as ICE-ACID and Sergiy Stolyar, known as JBENIS.Work with genres: tech-trance, tech-house, minimal-house, techno, progressive.DJ support:Gavyn Mitchell (Gallery/Ministry of Sound), Wesley Saunders (Endemic), Colin Sales (Hed Kandi/Ministry Of Sound), Reece Duncan (In T he Dark), Liam Broad (UK), Nik Denton (Toolbox Music), Ginny K (UK), Miami Ice (Germany), Blake Jarrell, Artento Divini, Evol Waves, Sergio Mega, Den Rize & Mark Andrez, Diablik, Tempo Giusto, Jaytech, Johan Nilsson, Flash Brothers, Sasha Le Monnier, E-Spectro, Sunny Art, Lost Connection, City-Light...