- Rob Renson


Roberto Orbanić aka Rob Renson was born in 1989. in Osijek (Croatia). As a child, Rob Renson showed interest in music and at the age of 10 years he enrolled in the elementary music school and began playing the saxophone. After completing elementary school music at the age of 14 years he stop with classical music and began listening to electronic music. Years have passed, but his passion and love for music continued to grow and Rob Renson began producing his own DnB, Dub and Hip Hop music. In 2007. Rob bought his first dj equipment turntables and starts mixing DnB, Hip Hop and electronic music. In 2009. he shows a growing interest in electronic music and starts producing electronic music. His music genres are house, groovy tech house and minimal.


Ultra House Selection 2015
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House Place Records | 2015-07-31