- Caled


Caled's underground musical background stems back to1990 when he first discovered House music through afamily friend who borrowed him a few cassettes and fromthere he was hooked on the energy of the music. A yearlater Caled was caught up in the tidal wave that was theRave scene explosion in the UK, leading to harder side ofTechno in the mid-nineties then onto Trance in the latenineties and into the noughties.In 2004 Caled discovered Hardstyle and fell in love but by2009 Caled turned his back on the Harder styles not likingwhat the sound and scene had become. Towards the end ofhis affair with Hardstyle Caled discovered Fidget bringinghim gradually back down the BPM scale until herediscovered his love for Jackin House and the funkier sideof Tech House in the spring of 2011.