JMA’s (Jürgen Matton) interest for electronic music started in the mid 90’s during the heydays of the European dance scene. Initially influenced by the Members of Mayday and the sound of Bonzaï Records he became hooked on trance music.At 16 he was creating his first tunes with Fastracker 2, a primitive music tracker loosely based on Amiga’s Protracker. The results were approved by his classmates but the tracks were still of mediocre sound quality due to the lack of decent hardware like sound modules and cards.His brother Dieter (Tonski) was already a DJ and frequented the recording studio of DJ MD who dominated the Belgian dance charts in 1996 for months with his hit “Rio”. One day after some negotiation Dieter brought back an Atari 1024ST preloaded with Cubase for JMA.Subsequently JMA bought a decent studio mixer, a keyboard and some sound modules and was able to create the basis of the number “Roswell” by DJ Steve Shadow (1997 Diki Records).After a while JMA noticed his strong points were definitely melody/atmosphere related and sought a companion that could boost bass and percussion. Who knows rhythm better than a DJ? His brother was exactly whom he needed. They’ve been a team from then on.