- DJ Mixon


If a person felt the true music’s magnificence and mystery deeply, he would certainly try to render these emotions to other people. During his creative work in clubs, on radio and outdoor stages DJ Mixon promotes only high-fidelity audio. That is precisely why numerous dance floors are overcrowded by people, who gave themselves up to the music wave full of joy and happiness all night long. The "Vostorg" (rus. delight) club (Cheboksary) is considered the initial point of DJ Mixon's music development. It was here where Saturday programs with talented DJs popular among local clubbers began to be held in troublesome 90-s. DJ Mixon's unique style was quick to win the hearts of rhythmic movements' admirers. Soon new perspectives for Volodya Mixon hurled one by one. First young DJ presented himself well as a dance program «Mixadance» anchorman on «Mix» radio. Then DJ Mixon became a unique music newscaster for local TV program "Provider". In 2005 restless Volodya together with a couple of gifted dance rhythms’' creators DJ Kiriloff and DJ SVETA are engaged in popular SWEET DJs project managing. In about a year DJ Mixon is included among residents of a famous Zeppelin Pro company. Its active representatives have been developing a special interest for stylish and qualitative dance music among compatriots. 2007 became a bottom-line for DJ Mixon’s creative work. In this year he occupied a rightful place among popular DJs in the Russian Federation. His name holds a fifteenth position within home award devoted to club music culture (Russian Dance Music Awards). Besides, an iconic website DJ.ru ranked Volodya MIxon twenty first in the top Russian DJs list. Today a faery «Mixadance» program is broadcasted on 40 FM-stations and there is probably more to come. DJ Mixon's popularity does gain momentum constantly. Although many-sided DJ Mixon considers high ranks in music community secondary. Sensitive Volodya holds true to his life-interest - stylish music and energizing rhythms. DJ Mixon – is a unique mixture of talent, skills and technical knowledge. Serato, mastered by him perfectly, brings unexpected sounding of New Disсo, House, Tech, and Progressive in the world of music. Dance rhythms with unique ideas tune in an euphoric wave. And no matter where the acquaintance with his creative work took place: in the outdoor festival or in the one-class club. Only the new energy matters which provokes positive emotions in different people in our country and beyond its borders.


Dub Control Ultimate Christmass Party
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Dub Control Records | 2014-12-01