- Darko Milosevic


Parquet RecordingsOne Of A KIndMaking You Dance Records The Purr MusicMNLDarko Milosevic was born 1988 in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia).Ever since childhood push him a passion for music.At the age of 5 years has received a gift Yamaha's synthesizer with samples,today is remembered as the most beautiful gift, like doors that he was introduced to the world of music.His early youth was scraped through the many genres of music,from classical and blues to the electronics.From 15 to 17 years their hearing is fed hip-hop, until he began an interest in electronic music.Then he meets a narrow circle of people with whom was still in business and complement their knowledge of music. For now, there are a couple of things issued, and during the year are expected to achieve more.He worked on numerous events, several of which strong Festivals like:Sea Dance Festival Refresh - KotorSpring Break Montenegro Bedem FestHe shared the decks with big names how with international, so with regional, like Hernan Cattaneo, Jeff Mills, Dejan Milicevic, Filip Xavi, Vladimir Acic and many other.Genres:techno, electronica, deep house, experimentalBooking & remix requests: darko.milosevic88@yahoo.com