- Synasthesie


Synästhesie is the German word for Synesthesia, a disorder that assigns a different perception to a sensory stimulation. This is the concept behind the musical project created by Emiliano Di Clemente and Simone Mancin: two minds that perceive different sensations and create together a unique vision. They know each other and begin to collaborate in 2014 in Turin,thanks to the love of both for music genres such as progressive house, new wave, electronica and techno. In the following years come the rst releases, with the EP "Tunnel" on Inlab Recordings, and the tracks on Inner Symphony (Steyoyoke), the single "Lotus" (later remixed by Clawz SG) and the remix of "The Miracle of A Million Lights" by Rauschhaus.Their sets are distinguished by the use of melody and the great variety of sound and genres that characterize the whole project.