- Chris Santana


With only 15 years old, he began to familiarize witht he vinyls only t o years lat er he and his mixer would be only one.His musical beginnings in those moment was: Trance, Underground y Electro House, soon he was seduced by the new European sounds: Minimal, Deep, tech House.With 19 years old he becomes international in the first time, in differents countries and clubs around the world, it being in 1999 with her career begin to fly by the most important cities for the music: Caracas, Bogota, Can Cun, New York (among others).His big passion, his commitment and his love by the Music led him to study communications and musical production.In 2003 he move house to Barcelona City (Spain) for cont inue wit h his career and begin anot her like a producer. Two years later he moved house another time to Madrid where he set up his residence. In 2012 he changes again his residence, this time to Miami but he never leaves Madrid.In his 17 years like a professional, he has traveled in many countries like: Colombia, Usa, Brasil, Francia, España, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Inglaterra, Italia, Monaco, Republica Dominicana, , Belgica, Portugal, Guatemala, Noruega, Etc...