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 - Paul Haro


Paul Haro begins his career as a producer of elect ronic music at thirteen years old. He starts to have presentations as a DJ at the age of seventeen in pubs and clubs in Peru.In 2009 he releases his first album Paul Haro EP which gets in the top 100 of DjTunes. Many artists have mixed his sons like Tony Kairom, Cristian Glitch, Luca Lapadula, Hertzman & Dalmolh32. Among his albums and remixes, he has destacating songs like: In my head, Broken love clock, Endless, Valentina, Freak, Fix you? Fuck you!, Your ass is perfect, Indigo.Since then every album and tracks has been sold succesfully in music portals as Beatport, DjTunes, Nowtrax, etc. Nowadays he belongs to important music labels such as:Piso Records (London), T aldor Records (Germany), Fruit Records (Italy), Empro Music, Code2 Records (Germany), Hard Disko Records (Colombia), Deux Minds Records (Colombia), Techmatiq Records (Colombia), 1994 Music (Colombia)All these labels have trusted in the potential of his work, so with the help of Cristian Glitch he decided to create his own label called Minimized Records. In the last years as a producer has developed a fresh sound that reflects his style: Minimal / Techno.