- Felix Sanchez


Felice Francesco Schirò , aka Felix Sanchez , born in Palermo on 08/04/1989 . He grew up in Palermo , where he developed his ideas musical.You can not find a time when music came into his life, more or less has always been a fundamental element of his life. Felix Sanchez was linked to the world of dance culture, thanks to his first turntables, dj-console donated by parents, Felix Sanchez dream begins to unfold start buying vinyl records and playing in clubs and private parties. For several years, the genre of music by the young DJ was "house", but not only. Important influence on the growth of music was "minimal", with the passage of time, changes Felix Sanchez genre, coming to Techno, Tech-House, Deep, African and from there begin his first productions. The artists who are inspired by: Marco Carola, Cuartero, Hector Couto, Richie Hawtin and other piers. I conclude by saying that the love of music in terms of production and DJing are in continuous development, in the heart of Felix Sanchez. Good Music :D