- Orlando Tosi


Hi my name is Orlando Tosi. I live in Rome and I love to create music. I create my music using Ableton Live. I’ve learnt how to use it myself just by listening and using my hands. My favorite music genres are; Minimal And Tech House. Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice influenced my music since I was young and at the age 15 I started my first works. I started to approach DJing at 17 playing in some parties with my friends. At first it was just an hobby for me, but soon i realized that it was my vocation. My interest is to share the best of me with people. Every moment of my life is based on music. I spend my time trying to discover the future sounds, and listening how music is evolving day by day. My music has to be an experience not just a track. Since the 2014 I never Sent Tracks to any label, but the time is come...My big dream is to become a famous Dj Producer and remain imprinted in the music history for a long time. So STAY TUNED.I hope you enjoy my music and find it interesting.