- Hart Thorson


Hey everyone, if you know me at all you know that I have enjoyed performing and playing music for the past 12 years of my life. Over this period of time I have been fortunate to open for a wide range of DJs, including Chris Liebing, Dieselboy, and many others.I'm currently based in Arizona by way of Brooklyn, NY and Minneapolis, MN. Living in completely different parts of the country has allowed me to experience music and how it affects people in many different ways.A new chapter in my musical career has been started with the release of my first EP entitled "Among the Living". The production end has now started to ramp up and will continue to grow over the coming months and years.At this point in my musical life I have been playing and making a lot of dark, percussive, groove based music that is perfect for dark warehouses all the way to the main room of a club.For the past 4 years I have been running a mix series called T he T hrow Away Project along with a friend of mine. T his project has been an outlet for me to explore different genres of music and to evolve as an artist. I can honestly say that participating in this series has changed the way I approach listening, playing, creating, and enjoying electronic music.At the end of the day with so many DJ's and producers out there it is difficult to wade through all of the noise. If you have stumbled upon my name somehow then I welcome you to my little corner of the world. I hope that while you are here you can get down and have some fun!