- Lio Mass


Pasquale Cuccaro was born in Capua in 1987 where grow up in a small provincial town near Caserta.Since he was a child he showed his passion making music and under his father's influence that,at the age of 12,gived him his first consolle as a present...since then he started making music for his friend and,with the passage of time in bardisco and in the private party in his small town.He started to take his first steps in Music Culture,and in 2008 with a group of his friend and other djs he founded "LOVE SENSATION"a musical group that meets with success in the localitywhere he lives.This was an important year that makes him growing up technically and he begun a project whit a friend and they started to play music live with the name"Lyon and Square".In2010 he tokk part in two emergent groups(HUMAN NATURE and TECHAWAY)that consented him to follow in consolle artists as: Timo Maas, Matthias Tanz mann, Smokin Jo, Alex Picone, Kabale Und Liebe, Leon, Pirupa, Kaiserdisco, Marco Faraone, Dj Red, Carola Pisaturo, Adapter, Rio Padice, Luigi Madonna, Silvie Loto, Flavio Diaz, Skizzo, Pako S, Genny G, Dj Simi, Fiore, Anna Stefani, Ela Gee, Anna Leevia, Vito Cacciapaglia, Federico Locchi, Artslaves, and many other...His music is overpowering and rich of nuances,and his sound nowadays is mainly deep-tech-house.Currently he is dj resident of OPEN and he works together on the projects in Caserta:NOISE, PARTYCOOLAR, K-PLAY RECORDS of Potenza and withWE LOVE AFTER and Musica&Parole of Mandarino.