- Velguin Yamato


Young, happy and enthusiastic, this is as defined in Madrid. As the economy has allowed it, bought his first turntables, CD mixers, table and an external recorder, all for a great team with whom he recorded his first sets. One day he realized he had a head full of ideas without thinking about dance and began to express them in sound. Fails to settle into a defined taste as his love of electronica is very widespread, so here begins to produce carried away by the head, heart ... and your feet. He has visited several rooms playing sets and lives acts. The style of his productions ranging from a minimalist dance and some music, tech house to the cooler, which made several netlabels approve his music and decided to publish it, carving seals Estocastical Beats, Physical Gravity Recordings, Lemon Water Records and Information, among others, are they provided an opportunity for this lover of music. Has several projects in hand, including his label, MUDE RECORDINGS.