- Kevin Lundershausen


KEVIN LUNDERSHAUSEN was born in 1978, placed after a brief moment of uncontrollable drive fixation of my parents, the light of day and got through their musical taste, the first electronic beats in the cradle. The influences of pop and new wave acts like Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Eurythmics, or are still heard in my sets. In the year 1992 began on various school clubs, the first steps as a DJ, mixer, tape deck and CD player. Inspired by the music of Westbam, Sven Väth, or Intrance I started my enthusiasm for techno and house and put on my pocket money in the first plates. At first I hung up on several private parties where I earned in the course of time, a small fan base. I had my big breakthrough in 2001, with my first radio appearance on "Radio Funkwerk. Subsequently, the first appearances came in the "Centrum" EF, the "Bienstädt Wait" or the "Atomic" Ohrdruf. My style has changed over time, has become more mature, although I never want to commit to a style, to paraphrase my motto ... Now Kevin is in the Artistpool of Synonym Records and work on his releases.