- Mowgly3 M3


Mowgly3 M3 (aka) Daniel Gonzalez Gutierrez,It is a producer of Seville specifically of a town, called UtreraHis Sound is anarchist, foraged and visceral,without following any established law.Explorer of sounds, which have personality and expand without prejudice. Chameleon artist, its rhythms bathe in the auditory memory of the 90's electronica, jungle, hardcore, breakbeat, techno, all this is the result of this golden age impregnated in each artist's work.Rhythms Naif and dark, dirty, serious and resonant, raw and obvious, underground and kamikaze, surrealist and dadaist. Techno, minimal, tech house, hipnotechno, deep,and very personal in its sound rhythm.He combines his dedication to music with flamenco singing, being now a professional flamenco singer under the name Danidutrera.Always with a deep respect to music.