AJ has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing Carl Cox rave tapes in the early nineties , and when he turned 16 years old he was lucky enough to get his hands on a pair of Technics SL 1210s , after 3 years of spinning in his bedroom he entered a DJ competition in one of the bars in paisley , after getting through the heats he made it to the final , which he won!! and that was the start of it for AJ as he held on to a residency for more than 8 years spinning deep house and funky vocal house .Over the years AJ has played in some of Glasgows most popular clubs and bars playing tech house and techno but as the club scene in Glasgow tilted towards Djs being booked because of the amount of tickets they could sell instead of being booked for there djing abilities so he decided it was time to take it to the next level and start producing . Ableton live 8 was to be the road AJ went down after watching countless videos on youtube on how to make music and after 2 years of late night sessions glued to a computer screen AJ was finally producing music.