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 - Yade


START2005 is the year Yade discovered the dance-scene. The music, the atmosphere, the crowd... She was amazed by all of it. As being a dancing teacher, hyping up her classes with her energy, music and moves, she was born to be a performer. Drizzled by a small virus that is called MUSIC, one and one made two.PASSIONNowadays, music is her necessity of life. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, music is her motive. In 2011 she was ready for a new challenge and she decided to develop her production skills. Not easily satisfied, she’s now waiting for the right time to go public with her best massive banger productions.STYLESensing the crowd is what characterizes Yade. She amazes people with her Techhouse, (Progressive-)House and Electro-sounds. People embrace her because of her genuineness and endless energy when performing. When Yade’s behind the decks, it’s hard to not be moved by her.PERFORMANCESYade performed in clubs and festivals including: Panama (Amsterdam), Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Fusion of Dance/Wildness Festival (Zwolle),ADE (Amsterdam) The Ocean Diva (Amsterdam) and so on. She’s also proud to have her residency at the loved ‘Blue Friday’ parties ( Not only nationally, but also internationally Yade’s been busy. Countries such as Curacao, Sint Maarten and Belgium can be added to her list of bookings. Keep an eye on this girl, because Yade is ready for more!