- Gary Leister


Rocked by music, Gary feels his artistic personality awakening back when tech- house used to be hype amongst Paris’ nightclubs. Following an experience at a record store, he’ll later own the stage at the well-known Folies Pigalle captivating audiences. Thereafter, his ascending career propels him all around the world, from night clubs such as: Rouge, Concorde Atlantique, Marbella Beach... to the German open-air-techno.Between techno music and tech-house, his style creates magnetic beats with housy pulsations opening him the doors to the Paris Techno-Parade. Gary seizes the opportunity and offers memorable shows side to side with worldwide leaders in the genre such as Ron costa, Elay Lazutkin or even Dayne S.In addition to providing famous labels with his work (Phunk Traxx, Tech-it Recordings, Egothermia Records), Gary sees his Extended Plays (Eps) being remixed by artists such as Konstantin Yoodza, Dani Sbert, Juan DDD, Gaga.This never-ending experimenting music nomad has a leitmotiv: feeling the world vibrating while letting his music do the rest. Contemplation leaves room for passionate crowds’ senses awakening. An obstacle to gloominess, electrifying.