- Richard C


Ricardo Castro best known for Richard C born on December 10, 1983.He started his musical taste in the year 2000 where the dance scene in Portugal was at the top of Europe, and then he listened to the best djs and producers in the world.In 2004, he began to play with his first vinyls at home and at parties of friends and to mix the various music cultures he had heard so far.He started his career as a dj and professional producer in 2012, starting to participate in various events in the north of the country playing with the best National Djs and also International, thus being a great promise for Dance Scene in Portugal but we did not stay here Richard C also Already has an internationalization in Luxemburgish lands. His will behind the cabin provides great moments on the dance floor, where the public and music blend in perfectly.Its musical strand is Tech and Techno of the Underground style.Their sets are explosive and always carry a lot of emotional charge.From earliest times he traced his musical line adding a Techno to escape to the Techno with tribal rhythms and vocals taking as reference and his brand image.Since then it has not stopped and has just opened its own label Global Wisdom Recordings.