- G-Motion


G-Motion, a name that awakens interest to whom starts to listen to his dj sets. It was soon, this artist felt the passion to music in the electronic genre, where music flows naturally in his body, moved by the rhythms from tribal house until it gets to the maximum flow of techno.His tour through the world of dj booths, the CDJs and the mixers started since he was 17 years old, starting to play in some events on his school times.From there, starts his more profound research on electronic music, following the new tendencies, absorbing all the music as possible. That’s where it comes from his musical style, that starts to be mastered intensively on the art of DJing since he was 25. Since then, it has been an authentic adventure.He started to invest more of his time, feeding his need of music and rhythm, stating more and more his music style and energizing his own DJ sets with a technique in constant growth. Nowadays he is producing his own tracks, dedicating himself simultaneously to production, at this moment has productions edited by the renowned Magna Recordings | Beat Therapy Records | Tears recordings | Tanira Recordings. Through the past years, he had the privilege of sharing the DJ booth with a few of the best DJs inside the electronic music panorama. Djs like Dj Rush, Umek, Cristian Varela, Technasia, Pig&Dan, Gary Beck, David Moleon, Carlos Manaça, Christian Smith, Spartaque, Dave Clark, The Yellow Heads, Nathan Barato, Matt Sassari, Gaston Zani, DJ Vibe, Frank Maurel, Miss Sheila, Fauvrelle, Jiggy and many others.He has been importantly present the last years, in the main events and clubs around the country.