- Roberto Txiapas


Robert o Txiapas begins in t he world of elect ronic music in 2003, from a musical culture based on Metal, starts making photo shoots, as well as visual events in Cork Tree-Essential Collective. A year later as part of the management of these events, parties backed by House Dj's such as Oscar de Rivera, Ismael Rivas, Roman Lieske, Rafael Navarro, Alvaro Espinosa, Oscar Blue, ..... among others.Under this collective Roberto Txiapas soaked electronic sounds and began to be interested in becoming a DJ, to finish perfecting his technique with Face b, Dj - Producer.In 2008 Roberto Txiapas is placed in the top 10 of the competition section Worldeejay.com House and so begins t o t ake in numerous halls of Madrid as The Claas, The Beach, Budha (Móstoles), Area Club, Deep Sessions Site ... and performs at events like fashion show presentation of Sun Planet (Madrid 2010), Jameson Cult Film (Malaga-Alicante 2011), Concentration Motera crankshaft 2nd and 3rd edition, .... etc. ... without leaving his residence in the Sala La Catedral (Piedralaves Avila - 11 years of residence) and being able to share cabin with legends like Oscar Wow, Oscar Blue, Dj Kross ...Similarly, starting to produce music under the label Beat To Beat, putting on the market a variety of topics, highlighting Storm, selected theme to integrate collections: Balearic Club Guide, Minimal Privilege, Best of Minimal, three of 2009.In 2012 brings to life the original soundtrack of the short film "Too light" film by Pablo Vega Productions and presented by Merino, and starts working for Energie Ion Recording ListenShut and get back to t