- Guy Lebeau


From Chicago and mixing for over 15 years, Guy LeBeau is now taking his talent and beautiful blends across the globe. Currently with residency at a French nightclub in the Massif Central of France. Guy LeBeau travels and does guest performances throughout Europe and the US. His first single Juicy Booty (remixed by U4ya) is available on Gods of Madness Records . Self Releases include: Go Girl 'n' Dance, Summer Dream feat. Ania, Vengeance Bitch and ClubMusic. Currently signed by Occitracks Records Label. Guy LeBeau hopes to reach out and make as many people happy as possible. Music has always been a passion, and as a creative singer/songwriter/composer/remixer/producer, Guy LeBeau hopes to make people smile and through his music contribute positively to their lives.


Workout Music for Go Go & Tabledance Training
Lokka Vox, The STW Project, Stereoliner, Sven Laakenstyk, Buzzer, Abrami, Calabria, Dimane, Recast Dj's, Made in 1978, ArtistDream, Ignacio Arfeli, Ian Bpm, Feldschieber, Shaun Kay, Romy Harmony, Christian Belt, Daiden, DJ Turtle, Claudio Tempesta, New Neon, Dembora, Boric Sava, Fucking Role Models, Adeena, Atmos (IT), John Franc, Oscar Metz, Plastiks, Maxfab, Javah, Eliza, Bjoern Michels, Kin3tek, Andy de Salvi, Rockyz, L4m3n7, Aron Scott, Alberto Arrojo, Hidan, Vadim Back, Vyto, Dima Koch, Marco Noise, Ralph Von Dutch, Marco Pugliese, Lukas Apolen, Scorgeous, B3yond, John Waves, Dead Proxy, Eric Sanchez, Party On Demand, Pascal Casimir, DJ Toner34, Bearman, Alxndrz, Steve Pseyko, Felix Luigino, 9th Phoenix, Ryan Barber, Azoni, Chevro, Roberto Conforto, Macronix, Gargan Brad, Komate Inc., Aleks Energy, Nikosha Viniloff, SAG, DJ Lenny Dtox, Guy Lebeau, Damiandebass, Tessa B., El D., B&P, Jaysantana, Michael Manteca, Alex Martinez, Mauro Cabron, Dj Sonus, Jon Thomas Project, Poediction, Trevor Jackson, Visioneight, The Video Gamer, Promid, Mory Yacel, Isis Gee, Zero Sound, Destiny Couple, Manaster, Silent Stunt, Oh Jay, Evan C, David Roxs, Paul Dave, Giovio, Schoko, Anjey Sarnawski, Luciano Pardini, Gantcho, Mehdispoz, Ray Burnz, Superball, Ray Stinson, D-Force, Trance O Matic, Masta Huda, Gabriel Tait, Niels Van Gogh, Eniac, Chris Blank, Promid, Nicola Fontana, Alex Del La South, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, S-sens
Workout Music Service | 2014-10-25