- Somnia


"Somnia" is the music project of Alexander Drobin from a small city near Moscow, Russia. 24 years old sound maker was born in musical family. In childhood Alexander used to visit studio sessions and musical lessons with his parents and since then really fell in love with music. 
At the 13 years old Alexander began to make rst musical sketches and started experimenting with electronic instruments and special soft. Soon Alexander created rst psytrance project "Neotone System". After successful performances on a few parties he gained popularity in his homeland. Second project named "Fanalyze". With new material Alexander traveled on the many festivals in Portugal and Mexico and became famous not only at home but also abroad. After "Fanalyze" broke up Alexander started make music for two own projects – Somnia and Re-Twin. First EP "Destructor" by Somnia got into top 100 releases on Beatport. The music of the project "Somnia" can be described as a mix of Psytrance and EDM styles with powerful festival energy. Now Alexander regularly performs at the largest parties and festivals in Russia and the rest of the world and releases new tracks on big labels like "Mainstage Records" and "Spin Twist Records" and others.