- Chris Cappuccino


Passion to music in Chris Cappuccino (Christoph Lewandowski) grew very early, his first time Djing was at Secondary School parties at the age of 14 and by the age of 17 he had already began producing his own tunes using amateur software like E-Jay or Music Maker. As he was born in Poland in 1982 he decided just after finishing High School in 2002 to move and start his adult life in London, the second world capital of house music. Working in a small old Italian Café with a dream of becoming a professional producer he met Drew Milligan from Blunt Recordings UK. Assisting Drew in his London based studio was the key starting point for learning the skills and understanding the way of creating music from the sound engineer side. After a while Chris decided to move to a small town in Northern Ireland which gave him more possibilities with no pressure to maximise his producing skills and getting the equipment needed. Using the latest software it was just a matter of time to make his tunes sound big and at the end of December 2008 his first electronic creation 'Electronic Story' appeared in the underground music world. With a huge wallet of unreleased tunes things will get even bigger and plans are to take the underground scene by storm with his sound which combines groovy, electronic tech-house with a touch of real instruments.