- Sascha Wallus


He always is was fascinated by his uncle. The reason is quite simple: He was DJ. He open received mix-tapes from him, later he was in the DJ ban himself. While he was sixteen he could test DJing for the first time, when he was eighteen he started official: A booking together with Carl Cox, with 10.000 guests at the techno-mecca Hanomag. What a fulminant start! Quickly it was obvious: „I found my mission!“ In a manifold world he dives up and down between deep-house, tech-house, techno and minimal. In addition to experience, feeling and technique for him the love for the music is the key for a good DJ. Exactly that Sascha Wallus is representing. The smart DJ and producer formes his electronic sound with his taste, gigs and own productions. He is adventurous, plays unique sets and ocercomes constant his own borders. Sascha Wallus has gigs at famous partys like „Tante Hanne“, „Appollon‘s Park“ and „Groove Boutique“, supports acts like Sven Väth, Dapayk, Matthias Tanzmann, Marek Hemmann, Karotte and Oliver Koletzki. With his releases he catapults himself to the headliner at regional big events, provides national and international interest. At the beginning of 2013 he enriched the music market with new stuff: Even two releases at Underyourskin Records and Freundchen Records stood on the agenda. The „Singing for a beautiful girl EP“ is a nice deep-house vocal-release with remixes from the Beatamines and Ruede Hagelstein. „Yeah! Don‘t go..“, released at Freundchen Records, is a tech-house-publication with compact beats, deep piano-chinking and funky grooves. Sascha Wallus is searching every time for new moments, in which the partycrew is creating goose-flesh a gooseflesh.


Berlin Connection
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Deep House Amigo (Detroit) | 2018-08-24