Key Commands
 - Felix Cage


Melancholic melodies on t echno rhyt hms wit h deep house grooves, all merging into a warm flow of sounds filling the room with a unique atmosphere. A subtle warm-up and an unexpected prime-time is what Felix Cage seeks to share with the audience. The music awakens the senses and sounds turn into perspective.Born in Paris, Felix grows up in Moscow. Classical music, Russian pop-rock of the early 90’s as well as the echos of the European house scene form his musical background. It is later in Belgium that Felix fully embracing the electronic music movement, the European clubbing culture broadens his musical horizons leading to DJing and later to production of music.Together with friends from Brussels club scene Felix starts Borderline Corp. in 2009, a collective of DJs and producers who aim to promote non commercial music above usual FM standards played in clubs. Weekly parties and a radio show follow shortly, where Felix Cage gets to play with artists like Robert Babicz, Pole Folder and Guy J. Around the same time he demonstrates his production skills with a remix of Jaksa Pavicevic’s track, Groovin’ on A Must Have Records, followed by remix of Take Me Down produced by Timofey, Bartosz Brenes and Riya on Dirty Soul taking first position on label’s Beatport chart for several weeks. Not stopping there, Felix inaugurat es a new Prot on imprint , Abandon, wit h his Nightcrawler EP.Around the same moment he signs to a French- Belgian label Electronical Reeds. “Blizzard” produced together with his friend Mezza Luna, remixed by Pole Folder and Tokyo Black Star is the first major success early 2011 followed by a remix for Cristian Viviano. Solo EP “Mascarde” follows shortly, remixed by Rodriguez Jr. and Nhar, storming Beatport and WhatPeoplePlay Top 100. “Love Again” EP featuring the vocals of south african slam poet Lazarusman followed shortly. The remixes EP for “Love Again”, “Voyage Express” EP, as well as “Horizon Badwater” EP wit h Epht i mark t he product ions of 2012. Wit h guest appearances on Proton Radio, Frisky Artist of the Week Show, podcast for HMWL, resident at the most prominent underground club The Wood in Brussels as well as numerous upcoming productions, Felix Cage cont inues his pat h t o become an established electronic music artist.