- Max D. Blas


Max D. Blas is the main resident of AltaVoz, in the last years one of the best events of electronic music in Italy. He starts djing in the 90’s and in the past ten years he plays in the most important italian and international clubs.This background makes of Max D. Blas a complete artist with a great feeling of the dancefloor. Since 2010 he starts his career of producer and publishes his firstsingle “Do My Best” on the world famous Acumen’s label Time has Changed together with Cosmic Cowboys. This year he has uno vinyl coming out on berlin based labels Waldliebe Familien with the EP “You Belong To This” with remixes by Dorian Paic and Markus Fix.In may 2012 he starts his first label "Grand Canal" with the VA "Sounds of AltaVoz" that includes several AltaVoz artists and his track "Banquero". His sound is a fine blend of precious and powerful deep and techy grooves perfect to inflame every dancefloor.