- Below Bangkok


Below Bangkok is a solo project of Amir Jashari, an upcoming Croatian producer born and raised in a small and sunny fishing town called Volosko, located in the Gulf of Kvarner at the northwest Adriatic coast.A former party animal, turned Producer / Hedonist / Sativa Lover, Amir is above all an aspiring artist who’s not afraid to challenge the trends and experiment with juicy sonic kung-fu of Broken beats, twisted vocals and ambient tapestries.His eclectic taste in music resulted in a wide range of musical expressions, from funky downtempo Electronica to dark and moody dub atmospherics. Having already published several releases and remixes, Amir is currently busy in his comfy studio, cooking us some more Adriatic Dub dishes to feast on in days. Amir is also a co. owner of LunaTheCat Records and Deep Site Recordings, releasing a wide range of deep house and dub techno music.