- Hagen Mosebach


Mr. Mosebach, the finest Halle (Saale) mole ́79th year, stands since more than one decade behind the record plates. Besides, the musical spectrum of his tracks chosen to the play applies from Minimal-Techno via Deeptech up to sensitive House as well as Deephouse. One finds the sum of that in his sets with which he always wants to tell a story from topical and pastly days. However, from time to time he also spins to himself cleverly the future with tracks for the coming moment together.At the end his music is always on the point exactly that what has fitted, now fits and will fit.So also in 2013, to the year in everything begins anew and he is ready with his first release on Pour La Vie for the music world.In the home fields, the city of Halle, Hagen against it nobody is unknown more. His musical trip, also above the town walls away, will go on. No end, only country by view. The suitcases are packed, the shirt is ironed and the music hums in the ear.