- Y-orbit


The Music Project "Y-ORBIT" was started in 1995 by Ace Raumass, who lives in Germany. Ace has been making music since 1989. In those days the style of music was called EBM/New Wave. Moving with the times in 1990, spawned the beginning of a brand new groove called Techno-Trance. Y-Orbit has played Live on several events and the people loved it. He filled every dancefloor in a short time. After several worldwide publications Y-Orbit has filed a 5 year break. Now the project Y-Orbit is reactivated again since 2k12 and back with full energy. Keep rocking and let the world groove in PEACE.


Cannes Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
Schwarz & Funk, Light in Color, Lumoa, Moondiver, Club Camarillo, Delfina Deines, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Cane Garden Quartet, Mono Tuned, Blue Wave, Eddy Chrome, RFTT, Arrojas, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Aaron Steve, Chiffre 100, Wolkenlos, E-void Connection, Alice Shelton, Silent Breeze, Macerio, DJ Riquo, Don Gorda Project, His Name is Frank, The Sura Quintet, Oscar Salguero, Koller, Dennis O 'neill, Sam Swift, Double Perception, Ibiza Chillout, Neka, Mike Prado, Enrico Donner, Saba Rock, Sandy Cay, Rey Salinero, Bikini Beats, DJ Octopuz, Proxy Brides, Shivana Faction, Loungeside, Emma Luna, Benigna Maier, Jess & Jess, Solanos, Hot & Chilled, Diario, Lichtwandler, Arkadash, The King Of Promenade, Manuel, Fatal Brightness Alex, Dreaming Way, Angel Falls, Vivien Goodstone, Aaron The Baron, Sanne Gutt, Carlo Peralta, Jon Turner, Aquarius, David Claro, Maurits Thijssen, Wonderlights, Alex Nöthlich, Leotone, Blended Noise, Ibiza Club Toys, Michael Ruland, E-Teb, Datamouth, Timescape, Ephemeral Mists, Napo, Otoridia, Stubbusch, Counting Clouds, Aquaba Project, Letherdive, Von Salis Reto, Pura Neurosi, Tim Walter, Ron Ractive, Gantcho, Utopian Hedonism, Mozaiek, Tomtation, Superhypermania, Fabian Raducan, Michael Ramirez, Micky Smart, Anima Infinity, Dr. Drummer, Sunset Session Group, Rick Project, Void Controller, Music Paradise, Omatar, Bantunani, Prototype Repeatedly, Mode Orchestra, 2fm, Grovekingsley, Wine & Dine, Nicolai Jan Hübner, Kyron Dome, Stanislaw Witta, Vinito, Tim Utfeld, Woltrax, Lauge, Baba Gnohm, Sven Karjesvjoern, Soul Invaders, Lady Vox, Mherman, Mr. Dave G., Chill Destination H262, VonHuber, Sphexe, Pedro Balse, Blue Mushroom Recordings, Yan Gillis, Wesley Colon, Vera Peters, Tory Arndt, Ruben Hall, Roxano de Santiago, Oscar Rogers, Monroe Days, Noak Purushottama, Claude 9 Morupisi, Kiana Kazee, Kai Elston, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Josif Imen Puerta, Joleen Hollis, Joette Ault, Jasmine Lulu, Ash Kaan, Ivory Simons, D&D, Helaine Stowe, Glady Gowans, Elias Harmon, Buddha Lounge DJs, Johannes de Boston, Bobbi Briere, Avelina Jose, Alene Messina, Aida Antonelli, Leila Lambrecht, Louisa Lessley, Delbert Schneider, Techmatik, Weekend Of Robots, DeepEchoes, X3no, Y-orbit, Shanell Souza, Vekta, V-Sag, Jennie Kapadai, V I F, Ursel, Unseen Workers, Tovuko, Took, Tony Silipo, Lombardo, Tonliebe, Tokyo Tower, TMC, Tlsfly, Tilo Klas, Thundermike, Thrash Pilot, Thomas Hewitt, This Way, MaUVe, Theo Schwarz, The Virgin Dolls, Mike Warren, Daki 2000, Will Fishman, So Phistry, Parker Thornhill, Vivian Holmes, Claudia Hunt, Chillo, Marth Manthe, Beatizer, Micamat, Karsten Beust, The Oslo Deadtrash Project
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-02-19