- Exitvibes


Tibor Fábián - Exitvibes (born: July 18, 1987) is a qualified music producer, mastering engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He studied the violine, the piano, the citar and other instruments for 10 years. He was only 6 years old when he started his studies in music. Nowdays he is an artist in the EDM scene mainly in the trance, space dream, meditative and deep house genres. Exitvibes often cooperates with singers like Micheller Myrtill (jazz vocalist), Mirjam Hassman (british pop), Zsofia Kalnay (opera singer). He likes to use live instruments in his music such as the piano, the violin and percussions. While listening to his music, you can experience the therapeutic effects of sound. "The process of creating music gives me an uplifting feeling which takes me away to the timeless realm of melodies."