- Carlos Olmo


Dj born in Málaga ( Spain ), Carlos Olmo also known as dj marci has earned the respect of all partners in the south of Andalusia . Carlos Olmo was born in Den Helder in 1985. He would later be known as Dj Marci . Growing up in a musical family, Charles was blessed with musical talent and a great influence. He was not limited to exploring only specific genres of music, would listen and learn from many different styles and artists. There was never much of a struggle over what his future occupation . He began his club Deejaying parents at age 15. While completing his studies worked as a DJ Carlos weekend and was immediately hooked on the profession. Over the years Carlos impress Deejaying developed skills not go unnoticed . Never rests , has many new projects in line for the future. He is currently working on his new songs " Magic " and " outknown " and will soon release a new single. 2013 has been a very successful year for Carlos , and their innovative skills and charming smile will ensure that he is also a big name to watch in 2014.


100 Trance Workout Music
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Workout Music Service | 2016-09-02
Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems, Vol. 3
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Keejay Records | 2015-12-19