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 - Amin Keyhan


Amin Keyhanfard (a.k.a. Amin Keyhan) is a Persian DJ/Producer was born in 1991. His Family is fan of Persian Traditional Music and his father and brother was Taar (Persian Instrument) player. When he was 5 years old he got interested into Synthpop and New wave music and bands like Alphaville. Amin tries Rock music and played electric guitar for a while then he was introduced to electronic music. in 2007 he completely change his style to Electronic Music and in 2008 starts producing Trance Music. in 2011 when he was listening to Armin van Buuren's Yearmix, decides to create a mix compilation just like Armin's Yearmixes. in January 2012 after making some mixes he finally made a 2 hours mix compilation that contains 98 tracks called "Megamix 2011".