- Fabian Raducan


Fabian Raducan began his musical adventure at age 20 in 1998 as a producer, when he joined the B.R.I.O. In 1999 their debut album "B.R.I.O. - Vin Baietii" was released in Romania by Claxon Music. In 2000 B.R.I.O. released their second album "Viata e misto" (Nova Music/Sony BMG Romania) His passion for high bpm music led him into the electronic music scene and DJing became the new way for him to express his creativity. Recently he set up a studio, Zgomoteka Sound Production, in order to produce a new dynamic positive sound, destined to be released on his own label Karpatic Records. FAB (that's what his friends call him) defines himself as a very determined person, creative, ingenious and devoted to musical production and web-designing.Romixland & Karpatik are the two projects he created to put into practice what he learned during the years. Completely fascinated by looping, after months of testing new loops and sounds, and intense and constant hours of work, he is finally able to create his own production, based on the latest trends of house music. In parallel with his projects , he collaborates with his friend Gabi Nastasa (aka DeLaVrancea) on the Night Kult project. Their first productions and remixes are fully characterized by progressive house music. Today his sound is definitely house music, ranging from chillout to progressive , from electro-house to tech-house. Inspired by artists like Enigma , Schiller , Atb , Above and Beyond and famous compilations series like Cafe Del Mar , Fabian intend to release a chillout music album called "Back To Origins" "I am ready for the world," he says.


Mallorca Chillout Lounge Music: 200 Songs
Sev Bastian, NewShoes, Joe Jog, Veela, Zen Ongaku, Lee & Sun, Jenifer Brening, Wyatt Ocean, Cablu, Manchester Snow, Earth Trance Projector, Ron Wieland, Alex J. Anders, Isabel Soares, Schwarz & Funk, Austin Grey, Philip Aniskin, Sandermatt, Airy Fizz, DJ Getdown, Eilijah, T C S, Alpha-x, The Letter 8, Dub Invaders, Midnightwave, Groove Squared, Adam Mainka, T:Base, Los Surfistas Gigantes, Brothers Grinn, Thomas Ackermann, Pit Strehl, Joost Haitink, Show Me a Sign, Vigano, Polimeno, Claudia Hunt, Mick Thammer, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Martin Lacroix, Lucius Banda, David Lovrencic, Markus, Ibiza Groove Squad, Claudio Viti, Frankie D, Jah Franco, Claus Dethleff, Ian Solano, Sarah Tyler, Alexey Frolov, Rocklike, The Sandmaker, Inusa Dawuda, STJ, Out of Town, No.sar, Joseph I, Talking to Sophie, Burke, Music Train Quintet, Sizzla Kalonji, Jomo Rainbow, Ralf Velasquez, Dennis O'Neill, John Evexc, Yoursck, Tekin Kesen, Vladimir Sterzer, Jimmy & Wenzel, Crazy Z Projects, Dj Under, Skendo, Robert Relax, Soda Lounge, Full of Soul, Chris Excess, Broke Luxorius, Bobbi Briere, Carli Rowberry, Cierra Ballester, Eddy Chrome, Titan Mantra, Massimo Gentile, Discey, Yence, Mighty Real, Ras Victory, Dj-chart, Alex Nöthlich, Tibor Barkoczy, Sounds of Summer, Loungeside, Rene Ablaze, Bvibes, Everbeat, Carsten Gronholz, Rimini Jones, Maurizio Piacente, Dalise, Cysco Fiore, Pit Bailay, Empir3, Daycube, Gjc, Water Juice, Miroslav Vrlik, Amen B, Bardalimov, Data Wave, Vast Massive Vapor, Fancy Vienna, Blue Wave, Daniele Nacci, Old Iron Stompers, Beryl Childs & Big Band Friends, Ajc, Sthwayza & Correspondence, Peter K, Gmd Babydave, Preye, Leotone, The Soul Elephant, Sake Lovers, Wolkenlos, Greta Gaia, Angelic Wellness Spirit, Dave Chillout Lounge, Angel Spirit, Couche-Tard, Funjc, Andrea Lamant, Equinox, Boring Sax, Stefano Maschio, Bafana Mac, Alisa Hight, The Chillout Company, French Kiss, Daki 2000, crushing excuse me, Benigna Maier, Avelina Jose, Clementine Calaway, Alice Shelton, Sean Stitch, Aida Antonelli, Green Grid, Aaron Steve, Simplex Sensus, Chillo, Klaos, DJ Ti-S, Staz, John Cunningham, R.f.n., Miss B.T., Lofty Right, Steilhoch3, Light in Color, El Cutsha, Marc Van Slow, Invisible Tune, Gabryella Suriani, Sielemann, Dunkhellraum, Mrs. Swallow and Me, Angelina Astle, Counting Clouds, Kevin Wellness, Devillas, Flight74, Debris of Theia, El Petit Jardi, Alene Messina, Rockzo, INNO, Görkem Han Jr., Louisa Lessley, Alex, Curtin & Manson, Vivian Holmes, M. Vitoria, Snik, Karon Koury, Marth Manthe, Shantay Huntington, Inbond, Klanggold, Woltrax, Oscar Salguero, Comis, Association Of Freedom, Fabian Raducan, Chris Vale, Shorpi, Maikel A, Maeryn Schenz, The Flowmasterz, Tumultus Simplex, Y-East, The Fairchild, Lauge, Baba Gnohm, F.B. Alex, Sashamato, Tarena, Emma Luna, Fruity Execute, Sava Boric, TS, Valinor, Magnetix Project, Florian Filsinger, Project Blue Sun, DJ Sakin & Friends, Yan Garen, Patricio Amc, Yves Klein, Martin Cloud, Jon Thomas, Dunkhellraum
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2016-05-20
Seychellen Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-03-06