- Matthieu-b


With over 20 years of career, Matthieu B is one of those rare DJs who have built themself in nightclub. Always in search of new sounds Matthieu B will travel you between Deep House and Nu Disco. His career is going from Normandy to Paris via Tunisia, La Rochelle and the Maldives where he had the privilege over the last 6 months to play in "Subsix" (the worlds first nightclub located 6 meters under the sea ) Matthieu B is also managing his own music label "Joli Coeur Record" on which he self-produced and will also sign other artists. Composer for over 10 years you can find many of his tracks on compilations for legal download.


Gorgeous Lounge Music
Enrico Donner, King Hookiss, Lynx, Axel Doorman, D-Tention, Baghira, Ryan Frizelle, Christian Hornbostel, Lunatra, Counting Clouds, Stratos Sal, Blue Horizon, Schwarz & Funk, Chickenskin, Echoplex Twins, Downbeat Crackz, Nemato, Rock-Candy, Mellow Cloud, Sunny Bay, Bikini Beats, Luigi & Riccardo, Ladamar, Matthieu-b, Santerna, Loetto, Sweet Pepper, Piet P, Kadananka, Coffe & Cigarette, Aloha Cafe, flavour animus, 49-1, Viper, Relaxraum, Future Mind, Music Paradise, Red Planet Orchestra, DJ Snail, Erdton, Naiko, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Inner Smile, Noiseevoluter, Chrisso, CJ Masou, Pater Rob, Gnowee, Esteban Garcia, Subworks, Anori, Bless This Mess, Philip Roesler, Goo-boot, Solanos, Proxy Brides, The Sura Quintet, Lord Nord, Tim Besamusca, Der Ziegler, Whilo, Dulcis Domus, Thundermike, Fancy Vienna, Aatoo Cito, Johannes Eggenberger, Luciano Nieto, Spielwiese, Ladale, Lord Matteo, Mr. Luke, DJ Danilkin, Deephonia, Vasilis Giotis, J Sasz, Maya, Cut 'n' Glue, Andriesh, New World Lounge, Tanya Blessing, Audio Infinite Orchestral, Ess Aitch, Oscar Salguero, Sake Lovers, Suntheca Prod., Prohibisound, Inusa Dawuda, STJ, Maureen Sky Jones, Philip Aniskin, Alexsandra Mell, Dj Existence, Cafe Sunset, TD, Billy Barbados, Fobee, Easydelic, Tom & J., Curtin & Manson, Arthur Explicit, Ingo Herrmann, The Vault, Carsten Gronholz, Goran Geto, Louis Desero, Museum Of Neurotic Origins, Needfull, Cusco, Yellow Watch, Chris Vale, Quincy-co, Dream Rhythm, Champion Beans, About 9, Auditory Canvas, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, MC Blaze, Midnightwave, Jacek Stam, Stereoliner, Loungeside, G Fox, Holographic Dissolve, Spektrum-Gebeit, Francesco Demegni, Urban Snack, Seefeld avec Mady, Sonia Brex, Sabretooth, E-Beiz, Daniele Nacci, Markus, Erippio, Ibizamotion, Gods Live, Fiosh, Carbon Based United, Steven Robinson, Soul Sista Shakti, Creative Response, Esk, Kaweye, Farr, Blooma Root, Fabrizio Cacciamali, Iridium Flares, Caitlyn Hessell, Author's Intent, MASA, Dub Tek, Comis, Ocean Project, Smashin' Drumkits, Rowla, Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild, Saxmax, Roberto Paky, Blippo, Liron Afuta, Stone Mason, Jazzy, Prohibisound, Matthias Schenk, Microwaves, The Chickenskin
Hooki-Sonic Recordings | 2015-03-10
Ultra Sexy Chillout and Lounge
Trillian, King Hookiss, Enrico Donner, Baghira, Vinito, The Sura Quintet, Mykel Mars, Blue Wave, Ryan Frizelle, Romanto, Out Of The Drum, G Fox, The Mask, Belinse, Lavejazz Project, Cane Garden Quartet, Echoplex Twins, Spiridion, El Nicoya, Chickenskin, Loungeside, Bossarythm, Joette Ault, Kusuma Orchestra, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Miguel Lando, Ibiza Groove Squad, The Four Caves, Logophilia, Arrojas, Ladale, Sky And Sand, Miraflores, Zouro, Jay Jay & The Snakes, DJ Snail, Schwarz & Funk, Sombra Modos, Tim Besamusca, Alex Nöthlich, Mike Antoine, The Biosnakes, Light in Color, Chillo, Club Camarillo, Luigi, Riccardo, Tranquilo, Champion Beans, The Man, Jano De Rhodos, Diario, Lovers In Motion, Proxy Brides, Sesion De Los Flores, Rock-Candy, Zadar, Kaxamalka, Junior D, Daki 2000, Prohibisound, Marebo, DJ Sakin, Matozinhos, Dr. Yow Yow, Aqua Mundi, Lamar Ensemble, Mike Warren, Jess & Jess, Monroe Days, Carbon Based United, Soul Sista Shakti, Music Paradise, Stereoliner, Ajc, Correspondence, Sthwayza, Statmatica, Love Pacific Industries, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, Rene Ablaze, Nomad One, Tarena, Claudia Hunt, Aquarius, Jonny Calypso, Quincy-co, Adriana Macedo, Solanos, Thundermike, Benotto, Vincent Lace, Spielwiese, Taha, Alteria, DJ MRG, Bikini Beats, Wave Motion, Magnam Gloriam, Unearthly, Kaweye, Rowla, Exit Mars, The Junior D Orchestra, Novo Som, Downbeat Crackz, Downstairs, Rey Salinero, Leotone, Cazintel, Fred and Flow, Thomas Markowic, Matthieu-b, Dj Existence, Philip Aniskin, Alexsandra Mell, Ladamar, Relaxraum, 49-1, flavour animus, Aloha Cafe, Piet P, Blue Horizon, Mellow Cloud, Sunny Bay, Coffe & Cigarette, Jacek Stam, Sonia Brex, Protoxic, Suntheca, Loungeside, Dean Ashby, The Chickenskin, Max Wilhelm
Hooki-Sonic Recordings | 2015-02-03
Schwarz & Funk, Ryan Frizelle, Rock-Candy, King Hookiss, Blue Horizon, Sunny Bay, Chickenskin, Viper, Stereoliner, Loungeside, Sonia Brex, Plaza, Ricky Martini Dj, 8 Bit, Echoplex Twins, Unearthly, Y.G., Jacek Stam, Therr Maitz, Collective Sound Members, Enrico Donner, New World Lounge, Left In Trigg, Kusuma Orchestra, Prohibisound, Rey Salinero, Arrojas, Don Gorda Project, Christian Hornbostel, Easy J, Muner DJ, Dablexx, Suntheca Prod., Peter Linski Experience, Vinito, Miraflores, Solanos, Donner, Hornbostel, The Sura Quintet, Proxy Brides, Clark Parker, Chillout In Turin, Finest Quality Papers, El Nicoya, Leotone, Logophilia, Alex Nöthlich, Cazintel, Fred and Flow, Marebo, Thomas Markowic, Music Paradise, Bikini Beats, Philip Aniskin, Alexsandra Mell, Inusa Dawuda, STJ, Maureen Sky Jones, Dobk, Epic Lounge, Lafoliedamour, The Echo of Koenigssee, Miguel Lando, Sky And Sand, Loungeworx, No Panties Allowed, Dj Existence, Matthieu-b, Baghira, Sake Lovers, Oscar Salguero, Audio Infinite Orchestral, J Sasz, Ess Aitch, Tanya Blessing, Michael E, Blue Wave, Magnam Gloriam, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Octario, Macao Cafe Music, D.c. Beat Productions, Counting Clouds, Andriesh, Maya, Wine & Dine, Trillian, Odyssey, Belinse, Lavejazz Project, Sebastien Angrand, Spirit, Sound & Vision, Deephonia, Vasilis Giotis, Mr. Luke, DJ Danilkin, Lord Matteo, L. N. X., Romanto, Out Of The Drum, Mike Antoine, Quincy-co, Took, Spielwiese, Ladale, Dulcis Domus, Fred Henderson, Phatos, Ajc, Correspondence, Sthwayza, Dave Silovich, Johannes Eggenberger, Luciano Nieto, Tim Besamusca, Aatoo Cito, Zons Of Zambesi, Kim & Buran, Fancy Vienna, Kenny Laakkinen, Don Gorda, Der Ziegler, The Mask, Whilo, Armando Gomez, Mirage Of Deep, BarBQ, Gnowee, Esteban Garcia, Subworks, Goo-boot, Anori, Cane Garden Quartet, Francesco Demegni, Feel Good, Frank D, Atlas, Chrisso, Love Pacific Industries, Electronic Yellow Jammer, The Man, Holographic Dissolve, Spektrum-Gebeit, Anjl, Giannini Project, Executive, Chill Luly, Naiko, S.B.Z., Oceanic Dream, Pater Rob, DJ Snail, Lynx, Benotto, Jovifra, Blue Garden, The Flyhigh Project, Crazy Girls, DJ Gee Cee, System 4, Team Deluxe, Relaxraum, 49-1, Future Mind, Piet P, Cosmic Mantis, Billy Barbados, Daniele Nacci, Easydelic, Sabretooth, Manson, Curtin, Mediaport, Prohibisound, Danny Massure, Suntheca, Saydash, Bossamba, Stone Mason, Blippo
Hooki-Sonic Recordings | 2015-01-16