- Naor


Naor Swissa is a prolific and distinctive DJ/producer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Since 2005, after successfully receiving Diploma in Practical Engineering of Sapir Collage and honing skills at Point Blank Music School, Naor has experimented with many dance music genres. In aspiring to greater challenges, Naor together with Anton Ratnovsky formed a project called Except. Under the name Except, he has released tracks and EP's on recording labels such as Vintage Erotique (Georgia), Minimized (Germany), Digital Nature (Israel), Nasimus (Georgia), Trackord (Berlin), Intellectro Vibe (Italy), also gained recognition and found its audience in Tel-Aviv’s night clubs such as Bootleg,The Cat & The Dog and more… The pursuit to find an unique sound, has led to Naor a forming of the bright, enchanting and deep sonic textures that he is currently embodying in his Deep House project named NAOR.