- Can Unsal


Recognized by widespread music lovers, Can Ünsal elite dancing all night long. The stylist DJ's positive energy and eclectic mixes make him one of the most coveted DJs in the country. Can expresses his emotions through his music, and his sets are based on those of; happiness, love, sadness, melancholy, anger, rage, old and new' His listeners are drawn into a realm of innovation with exciting concepts underlying each distinct color he explores. is his first release which was inspired by the idea that short words can carry deep meaning, which is why his sets are named by different colors. is meant to have the listener feel every possible good emotion on this earth and to amplify their attitude.


Sound Academy Records 10th Years Anniversary: Top 100 Remixes
Peterfy Bori, Soerii, Poolek, DJ Coslow, Fernando Lopez, Angelo Montesu, Eser C, Serdar Ors, Can Yuksel, Antony Pl, Eric Yedim, Alessandro Ciuti, Festina Lente, Kitar, DJ Karl, Cuneyt Bayram, Dan Lypher, Thomas De Lorenzo, Max Tocci, Muhidin Begovic, Gokhan Gunes, Backslash Zero, Ivan Sanchez (ES), Alfredo Acri, Alan Wave, Doctor Zagor, Lucas Ribeiro, Livenup, John Veis, Manos, Dario Alduina, Mamula, Twisted Beats, Salvatore Brancaccio, Orhan Demir, Gokhan Guneyli, Tip D Oris, Yeray Garcia, Wardita, Mkdj, Soulpower, Special Key, Yadai Bravo, Bekir Ozturk, Burak Zorlu, Can Unsal, Evelin, Borja Maneje, Ismael Casimiro, Berk Erden, Dayo Nasty, CaroKann, Jerf, Stroboskop, Housebound, DJ Sarmek, Dreamer Tunez, Redact, Emrah Turken, Gokhan Gunes, Mkdj, Livenup, Gokhan Guneyli, Paul S, Artiz, DJ Premium One, Fab Stellar, Ivan Sanchez (ES), Can Yuksel, Martin Greenland, Manos, Deep Circle, DJ Karl, Love 'N Joy, Saha, Roby B., Alessandro Ciuti, Dann Leed, Aerobody, Day&Night DeeJays, Jerf, Kitar, Manuel Monizza, Sergio Brunno, Denizchador, The Freak Factory, Alfredo Acri, Angelo Montesu, Franzis-D, Twisted Beats, Samuel Dee, Electrostel, Lucas Ribeiro, Dubphone, Eric Yedim, The Figura, Guney, Borja Maneje, Ismael Casimiro, Mesut Yilmaz, Oushanmete, Venuti & Goaty, Faruk Orakci, Manface, Umut Kilic, Orhan Bozkurt, DJ Sarmek, Alex Sosa, Berk Erden, Murat B, Cuneyt Bayram, Dreamer Tunez, Silver Finger, Orhan Demir, Poliedrico, DJ Coslow, Eser C, Burak Dinc, Serdar Ors
Deepsound Academy Records | 2015-08-20